Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kendwa Rocks beach

Kendwa Rocks beach
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This is where we spent most of the last few days... relaxing on or near this beautiful long and white sandy beach on the north of the island.

Yesterday was spent recocvering from the full moon beach patry, which continued for quite a few hours after we left at 3, loud enough to reach our bungalow and keep us awake the whole night.

I went out for a snorkel, in what was not the best reef in the world, but always nice to see colourful fish and bright coral. A pity there were so many pink jellyfish in the water. Very pretty but not very nice when they brush past your face and shoulders.

I was back in time to see most of the 2-3 Wigan-Arsenal game at the Bikini Bar, which ended abruptly with a typical power cut!

Tiem for a walk up the beach past the Maasia art shops to the fabulous holiday complex, La Geem a del Este, built with mafia millions for the Berlusconi babes!

We had dinner next door with Liam and Sarah, the honeymoon couple from Melbourne who we had met on the spice tour, joining them just as Sarah was about to beat Liam in a game of Snakes and Ladders.

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