Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back from the beach

Not us, but it was fun to watch!

We are back in Stone Town now, ready for the fast ferry back to Dar Es Salaam tomorrow afternoon. Today was a bit of a washout as it has rained heavily most of the time and has been grey and damp when the rain stopped. We went for a walk around town and ended up outside of town, apparently going furtherand further away from town ubntil we asked someone the way... it was a long way back.

But getting lost is part of the fun of being in a strange place and what strange sights we saw..... first an area of beautiful, but dilapidated villas from the 1920's/1930's and then an area of 1960's/1970's Soviet style appartment blocks, also severly dilapidated. On the waterlogged grass fileds in between, scores of young lads were playing football, in an array of colours.

It is raining again now that evening is arriving, a pity as we will nto be able to enjoy the food market in the park by the seafront selling all sorts fo seafood and kebabs, alongside which some Maasai sell their beaded jewellery and necklaces.. both very colourful sights.

There is no cinema operating in Stone Town. There are cinmema buildings, again relics from the 1930's but since most peple here have cable, satellite, videos and dvd's no-one goes to the cinema anymore. A pity.



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