Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sailors on a beach

Sailors on a beach
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Time to go off on another long train journey. This one is supposed to last for two days and take us to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. We are already delayed by 20 hours, which meant an extra day in Dar Es Salaam.

A day well spent, mostly ijn and around the fish market, where the fishermen bring in their catch of tuna, kingfish, marlin, swordfish, sardines and sprats, lobsters, crabs and prawns, squid and octopus, from their wooden boats. The fish are washed in the sea then brought to shore in baskets, where they are sorted on the beach and then taken up to the market for auctioning off. Lobsters and giant prawns were going for Eur 8 a kilo... not bad!!!

The fish are mostly boughjt by women who carry them off in buckets carried on their heads and into buses to the various markets and restaurants etc around town and up country.

Behind the market there is a large area for drying the fish and also for frying the fish. There are little places to eat what are trhge freshest fish around.

I was accompanied by Jesus Jackson, a fishermen originally from Mozambique. He was thinking of wworking in Iraq as the money is good there and he didn't mind dying.... We had a few drinks by the harbour before parting in the early evening.

Had delicious prawns for dinner!

We get taken to the station soon two hours ahead of the re-scheduled departure time. Travelling first class, we should be in a 4 person sleeper. Michael is joining us too! We do not have visas for Zambia but we hope we can get them on the border. Should be lots of time for sleeping and reading and more sleeping. Also game watching as we go through a nature rese4rve on the way.

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