Saturday, November 19, 2005

Full moon beach party

Originally uploaded by CharlesFred.
Kendwa Rocks, North Coast, Zanzibar Island.

Not quite a full moon, as that was Wednesday, but Friday nights are better for partying, so we were able to enjoy Venus and Mars before the moon came up, shining its white light onto the powdery white sand.

It was a great party: Arabic and Swahili music, Maasai glitter warriors, Canadian Peace Volunteers, local fishermen, honeymoon couples, Leidse dames, Berlusconi babes, acrobats, Russian house, Abba’s Dancing Queen and Zanzibar’s own Freddie Mercury, Caprinhas, East African beers, Danish mice, barbecued octopus, Deutsche schlager nichten, South African couples bearing cake and yoghurt, Cuban salsa, Brazilian samba, American ghetto rap, West African rap, fire eating medicine men, Swahili hip shakers, slithering snakes and incredibly cool guys dancing like they got so much rhythm…..

Great fun.

It’s the morning after the night before, the sky is grey and the rain patters (or teems) down on the palm thatched roof. Time to read our books in the comfortable chairs and wait for the sun to come out later. Maybe a snorkelling trip out to the reefs for the afternoon.

Kendwa rocks.....



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