Thursday, November 10, 2005

TV stars

Well, the programme went out the evening of the interview. We had to sit through two hours of dreary TV as you could possibly imagine, brightened up by the odd song.

Eventually, we saw 'Sokdaalkil Mr Charles' come up on the screen and we knew it was our turn. The film had not been edited at all, so the viewers were subjected to the whole interview, albeit with a voice-over in Somali (fair enough). At the end they showed my birth certificate and a photo of me with Diana, two Somalilanders!

Since then we have been recognised on the street, all 200 metres we have so far walked and offered tea and qat as we have walked around town and people seem to be very happy with all the nice things we said about Somaliland and the people we have met here.

Off for another walk around town now... be back later to write about yesterday spent in Borama. Wondering whether or not to go to Uganda after two tourists were shot dead. We go to Ethiopian Airlines to look at possiblity of changing flights.

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