Sunday, September 04, 2005

Goodbye Amman, Jordan, Middle East

sitting ducks in Aqaba
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The last posts from Jordan, as we soon go to the airport to catch our flight to San'a. We have moved the warm clothes to the top of our baggage as, if the BBC is to be believed, the temperature there at night will be just about 3-6 degrees, 20-24 during the day, much colder than what we are used to.
Already, Amman is coooling down, just 29 degrees maximum, and it really did feel cool after the furnace of Aqaba.

Anyway, we should apologise for being nasty about Amman when we first arrived. It just seemd a bit dull after the colour and excitement of Beirut, but it has grown on us. We have enjoyed many a pleasant evening first dinner at teh Cairo Restaurant (their curried fish with rice is VERY highly recommended - and SO cheap too), followed by a clamber up the hill to books@cafe, a very pleasant western style bar with a large terrace facing east across the rooftops and minarets the other side of teh valley.

As Fred mentioned we had a great evening last night, drinking lots and lots fo beer with Khalil and Faisal. The dark haired, light skinned one (i.e typically Arabic), Khalil was a non-drinking Christian, while Faisal with his tanned skin and blue eyes (i.e. typically European) was an alcohol drinking Shi-ite. Odd. Theye were young chaps, recently out of university abroad coming back to Jordan to make a living here, both very proud of their country (and both coming from very well connected families!).

So, we have greatly enjoyed this part of out adventure. We have felt safe and welcome everywhere we have been (apart from maybe one district in Beirut). We have met many interesting people, both locals and other tourists, and it is they who have given colour to all the sites we have seen. We hope you have enjoyed reading the blogs and looking at the photos and we hope to keep things up as we move on and into Africa.

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Blogger grrltraveler said...

Great photos and it sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! Keep it up! :)


05 September, 2005 19:28  

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