Sunday, August 21, 2005

Which way now?

Jordan - Which way now?
A rest day today and a chance to plan ahead a bit.

The main question is onward travel from Jordan and it seems as if we have found a way, even though we were shocked to be told by one travel agent that all flights out of Jordan until 17th September were fully booked.

The plan now is to fly down to Sana'a in Yemen on 4th September and fly on from there on 8th September to Asmara in Eritrea. I have been trying to check up on Yemen on the internet, without a lot of success. It seesm to be pretty quiet in the capital Sana'a and that would be the only place we woulkd probably want to visit. If we do, we will have been to all three of the cities claiming longest continuous human habitation (along with Aleppo and Damascus) and it will be a real treat if it matched either of those two cities.

Further, within Jordan, I have sketched out a plan which will include three day trips from Amman, one back up north past Jerash and another two west towards the River Jordan and Dead Sea, to include, for sure the Baptism Site (where John baptised Jesus) and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

After that, a trip down the King's Highway to Petra where we could stay 3-4 days, then down to Wadi Rum (desert landscapes and dunes), wherte we might go on a camel trek for 2-3 days/nights, and then down to Aqaba, for some snorkelling in the Red Sea. It might be nice to spend longer down there to relax but I am very scared about how HOT it will be there (and humid too).

Amman is hot enough by day - about 34, but it has been cool enough in the evenings and the air is dry, so it feels mostly fine. In Aqaba it might be 40 AND humid.

Further ahead,we have decided to go for the expedition down the Omo River in Southern Ethiopia, which will enable us to experience the nature and meet the local tribes. More about this later... we first need to arrange payment.

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