Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jordan babes

After the treatment.... clean shaven or what?

After posting the last blog, Fred and I walked into a barber's shop and asked for a haircut and shave respectively. We came out having a complete facial with creams, steam, scrubs, scrapes and some extremely painful electro-treatment, and considerably poorer. But we both look younger and later I can put up a photo to show the difference. At least we have some sympathy now for what other people go through in the cause of beauty.

After that it was a quick lunch of hummus and falafel and then back to the travel agent to confirm our trip.. leaving Amman for Sana'a on the 4th, and travelling on to Asmara on the 8th, travelling with Yemenia. It makes a lot more sense for us in the context of this trip to stop off in Yemen, as this provides a cultural and historical bridge between the Middle East and Eastern Africa, as Yemeni merchants have been very active in Somalia and Ethiopia in the past, and still are. I am very happy with this choice.

And then we walked up a hill to find a good bookshop and a western-style cafe with a beautiful terrace and a view over downtown, in the cool late afternoon breeze, where we had a couple of beers while watching the REAL Jordan babes doing their thing..... looking gorgeous and acting cool. I think Alex will enjoy going up there later, if we catch him.

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