Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A change of perspective

Hargeisa market green and orange
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It is an odd thing that since we have been back home, the trip seems to be very much in the past. All of it, even though it was only just two weeks ago that we were enjoying the afternoon sun on the rocks of Sandy Bay on the Cape.

While we were still there, the whole trip seemed to be very close, even though it was almost six months ago since we took the ferry boats across the Bosphorus to book the tickets on the Toros Express to Aleppo. It seemed then that almost every day could have happened yesterday. But now, every day is part of a package which is part of the past.

No problem: it just feels odd.

And being at home has many advantages: we have alredy seen many of our friends and have enjoyed evenings upstairs, candle-lit, with good food* and wine, our music. And the eather has ben mostly good... cold and sunny and already the evenings are getting longer. And the funny thing about missing late summer, autumn and early winter is that it seems almost like yesterday that it was mid-winter.

Again, odd how the mind works.

* - including borenkool and hutspot and other Dutch specialities (seeing as we all now have to try very hard to be Dutch!)


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