Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Working on the photos

Berbera girls getting ready
Originally uploaded by CharlesFred.
It has been a while... plenty of time all of a sudden, half the day on the computer and still no blog... writer's cramp, or the shock of being at home, after all teh stimulation of travelling the past few months.

Anyway, apart from fixing the computer of various bugs and inconsistencies, and looking around for a possible job, I have been thinking about what to do with all the photos taken during the trip. It was a good thing that the Microsoft program which came standard with the computer refused to open files, as it got me thinking and looking around, and before long I was downloading the Adobe Photoshop Elements program. This is the less extensive and complicated of Photoshop, at a competitive price, but still needs a lot of investigating. Anyway, the first results are to be seen on the flickr page, where some photos have had their colours enhanced. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.. the camera is usually pretty good the first time... but at times it really does make a big difference, like in the attached photo. This'll be keeping me busy for a while, I reckon.


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