Thursday, January 19, 2006

This is what they will be fighting over....

leaving Assab
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This is a photo of what much of Eritrea looks like (well, at least the southern part). It seems inevitable that there will be another war here, between Ethiopia and Eritrea, a war which nobody in either land seems to want, except maybe the military and political elites, for their own ends.

Things have been escalating again and I found this excellent article (on what is an exceptionally good site - openDemocracy) about the state of the conflict and how it came about (surprise, surprise, the Western powers have also failed in a BIG way): Africa's next war

But, my goodness!!!!! What is this? UK cuts Ethiopian government aid I am not exactly sure why "Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was once seen as a key British ally".
An ally in what? Against what? In favour of whom? Anyway, I hope the British governemnt can find a way to continue to help the Ethiopian people, as they say, through the aid agencies (well they can try) and the local authorities.

And when the Prime Minister of Ethiopia is not picking a war with his neighbour he is killing, arresting and holding without trial his fellow Ethiopians - see this report:
Ethiopia: Hidden Crackdown in Rural Areas


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