Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ten worst moments

Wadi Rum evening
Originally uploaded by CharlesFred.
We'll go through them quickly, in no particular order:
1 Row about petrol in Hargeisa
2 Row about petrol in Asmera
3 Robbery in minibus in Addis
4 Late arrival in Obock
5 Losing photos/cameras breaking down
6 Having two mobiles stolen
7 Fight wth minibus drivers near South Luangwa
8 Breakfast in Etosha*
9 Sand mite bites on the Omo
19 Flies in afternoon in Wadi Rum

* - this is when Jannie's wife, Petra, told us, in front of everyone who was there, that she had not gone swimming with the other the previou evening, but had gone to her tent and heard us, Fred and myself, gossiping about her and her family. We were SO embarrassed!


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