Monday, November 07, 2005

Message from Mum

Dear Charles

I am afraid I do not recognise very much about Hargeisa - don't forget it was over 40 years ago and there has obviously been a lot of building since then. There was not much in the centre only a few shops like in your pics, certainly no tarmac roads or traffic lights. There was not much variety of food to eat either, just chicken, mince, liver and french beans.

Before you and Diana were born there was no such thing as going for regular check ups, certainly not at the hospital. When I was taken to the Hospital it was just get me there as fast as you can and the pic. of the hospital is probably correct. Remind Edna that Diana was a breach delivery (legs first!!).

As I have told you the main meeting place was the Hargeisa Club, which at that time was for whites only, plus endless parties in each others houses. For your Dad it was work at 7 a.m (I think) then down to the Club at lunch time when the day's work was over where I would meet him and it was probably drinking till bedtime!

Please give my regards to Edna.

Love Mum

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