Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recreating a moment in Broek in Waterland

Returning to Noord-Holland this afternoon, we took the bicycles out to Waterland, going to Durgerdam, Uitdam, Zuidewoude and here to the very beautiful village of Broek in Waterland. We were here almost eight years ago around my birthday woith some friends and we posed for a pic with our bikes in front of this house. It would not surprise me if I was wearing the same T shirt then. Will try to find the original and compare.

Found it and uploaded it below and I see that in the group of five, I was the only one NOT wearing blue, being in an odd 'orange' phase.

The house behind, which doubles up as a bed and breakfast, is for sale for 1.3 million Euros, which in USD's is about 20% less than it was a few months ago.


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