Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Eurovision party

Our Eurovision party, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, we had another little Eurovision party last night, while it poured with rain outside. We had downloaded the scorecrads from the BBC website and were marking the acts on the basis of Song, Performace, Dance/Dress.

Our votes went a bit like this:

Guests gone now, got the scoresheets and see the following scores given to Germany (out of 30, using the BBC scorecards):

Annemiek 24 (fave was Belgium with 29)
Wouter 23 (fave was Belgium with 25)
Tessa 13 (fave was Belgium with 25)
Rogerio 28 (fave was Albania with 30)
Charles 20 (fave was Allbania with 29)
Rob 5 (fave was Israel with 20)
Ghislaine 5 (fave was Albania with 28)
Fred 9 - (his fave was Albania with 26)

So... well done Rogerio!

AB says:

Lovely shot! All are looking excited and having fun!

It was my first time to watch Eurovision, it's a wonderful show, but the voting part was very disappointing to me! Although Lena's song "Satellite" was a bit fun and catchy, there were many other nice songs who really deserved to win! :(

CharlesFred Pro User says:

Thanks, we had great fun, at least I did, and I got very noisy and excited as I guessed most of the 12 points being given before the votes were announced. Ha ha, and the wine and the excellent company probably hlped, not to mention a wonderful show put on by the Norwegians!

And, yes, Gary, somehow, it does seem to get better and better. I loved that Flash Mob stuff!

Enough to give you goose pimples!

Av says:

So who won yesterday Charles? Lena? The German? So you believe in my supernatural powers now? Hee hee hee
I love the fact that You didnt see it comin :D
Had a great time with you and the fact that my complimentary number won actually won made my day. Long live the King and the Prince and the Princess ahahaha if you know what I mean :p


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