Monday, May 24, 2010

New Peugeot bike

Pinkster mix, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Another one of me on a bike, but this one is the one I picked up this morning, having successfully bid 47 euros for it on - my first time on it!

I have just about given up on the one I bought in November 2008, having sent it to the cycle repair shop aboit once a month so far this year, the latest time to be told that I would need to spend 250 euros on a new back wheel. I was about to hand it over whne I thought, hey! that is a lot of money. Went home, signed onto marktplaats, looked for man's bike for sale within 5 kms of our postcode and found this one!

Received an e-mail the next day and today, I was able to pick it up, from a charming Polish lady called Lidia. This was her husband's bike but his company is giving him a subsidy to buy a new bike, so needed to get rid of this one, there being not too much space to keep this one as well.

So far so good, I have cycled this bike around the city today, cycling inot and with the wind and it rides like a dream. With that Trek bike from November 2008, I had fallen off in slippery conditions within the first 2 kms and damaged my wrist... should have known it would not be my good luck bike.


Anonymous Prince. A said...

lookin mean there my man eh grrrrr :D

24 May, 2010 22:09  

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