Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Looking for country 100

99 countries
This blog has been viewed in 99 countries this month, according to ShinyStat, the (excellent) Italian company which keeps track of visitors to this site. One of its countries is 'Others', which has visited 22 times, these are probably the tiny states in Polynesia or somewhere. This map-making software would have us believe that these 99 countries are just 43% of all the countries in existence, which means that there must be very many of those 'little'countries around.

We seem to have a very good reach, although not so much in Africa or Central Asia. I am surprised not to have had any visitors from Ethiopia or Eritrea, especially given the fact that we have discussed Ethiopia's involvement in Somalia many times and described our journey in Eritrea. Maybe the government censors are at work, these two governments being well known for being very/extremely repressive.

So, in order for us to get the hundred up this month, we need a visitor from Ethiopia, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana as places we have been, or maybe Paraguay which I visited in 2004. Or indeed, any of the other places where we have not been like Nicaragua, Greenland, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Laos, Papua and New Guinea, Algeria, Tunisia or Libya or any one of the other hundred or more countries

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason you have not received a visitor from Ethiopia may very well be that the Ethiopian Government has blocked all blogs. The web censorship practiced by Ethiopia is draconian and effective.
A way around this is to encourage the proliferation of proxy servers which allow Ethiopians (and any other censored region) to access blocked sites.markmedia.blos

31 January, 2007 22:13  

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