Friday, January 26, 2007

US bombs Somalia from the air, again...

Mountains towards Sheekh, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here are some green mountains up towards Sheekh in Somaliland. Sheekh is well known as the place where the best school in Somalialnd is, where the country's curent elite was educated. It is cooler up here and the mountains catch the rain coming in off teh coastal plain.

In the meantime we here that the US has bombed Somalia again, using areial bombardment in order to kill at Al-Qaeda operative, according to them. Never mind that last week they did the same and bombed a wedding and killed lots of innocent people and livestock without hiting their target. As long as Iraq goes on and people are looking at what the US will do in Iran, I suppose they think that anything they do in Somalia will go unnoticed.

In the meantime, my hopes for reconciliation are being questioned by hearing the so-called President of Somalia saying that he does not want to talk to ex-UIC leaders, as if HE really has any right to say anything, given that he has never been elected and was chosen as President outside of the country and only managed to move into the capital with help from Ethiopian and US forces.

With regards to the struggle between State and Religion in the UK, it seems as if the State is going to have its way and will not be allowing churches the right to discriminate against gay people, no matter what their teaching says. Tony Blair, who is Prime Minister only in name it seems ( he did not come to Parliament to debate the war in Iraq earlier in the week) lost out to his Cabinet colleagues.

It was extraordinary to hear Sir Thomas More being quoted on TV last night as he claimed that he owed his allegiance to God, above the King (Henry VIII) and accordingly lost his life. It was being intimated that it does not matter what Parliament legislates, the Catholic Church is answerable to God. Interesting. Anyway, I am quite convinced they only used the adoption issue as a means of getting a foot in the door of exemptions and had the Government caved in on this issue, the floodgates would soon be opebn to all the other religions to claim their exemptions. Well done Cabinet for holding firm!



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