Monday, January 29, 2007

Somali houses near Borama

Somali houses near Borama, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Continuing the theme of going through the back catalogue, bringing life otld photos which never made it to flickr the first time, albeit with the help of picasa. I have opened a new set on flickr showinmg landscapes of the Horn of Africa and altogether, they are quite impressive actually, showing clearly the space, the emptiness and even the heat.

I am not sure what purists think of these cropped photos, but when one is taking photos of things in the distance, and usually these are landscapes, one will often get a lot of sky and/or foreground, which does nothing for the photo. Cropping them like this, as long as the photos are sharp enough, lts the eye focus on what is important about the photograph, namely the subject.

Amyway, here are some temporary Somali homes which one finds scattered around the countryside. Although traditionally nomads, one has the feeling that many people are living more settled existences nowadays, although one would assume that houses like these are not meant as permanent structures.

Today, I have been trying to be clever by building tools to show nice looking slide shows on a blog (not this one). I don't want to be mean exactly, but the slide show I downloaded the other day did not really give the right feel. However, my skills level with html and websites is showing up now and I cannot even open the program files I have been downloading unless they come in an .exe format, let alone upload the html code I get for the slideshow I have made.



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