Thursday, January 18, 2007

From a young Mum to a young Granny and Aunty Frances

Granny and Aunty Frances, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

This photo was taken probably in around 1920, just after the First World War, in which my Granny's brother Jack died on the Western Front, at the age of 19, shortly after bing sent there by the generals. This was something which affected the whole family for the rest of their lives, none more so, it seems, than their father, Grandpa Stewart, who was, apparently, a broken man after hearing the news of his only son.

Here are the two sisters, Frances Louisa and Irene Eunice (my Granny) in a lovely shot which I have tried my best to repair. Aunty Frances (on the left) apparently was very popular with the boys/young men and it was she who lived in Bournemouth and with whom we used to stay during the summer in the late 1960's.



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