Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another night on the town

Bamboo train, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here is a photo of the bamboo train which I was trying to explain last night, with the two motorcycles on top, Richard, iour two drivers and the train personnel.

After we arrived back at the hotel, there was time for a shower, some very slow internet and so on before we were picked up by Tea for another night out on the town. He brought us to K.O. Beer Garden, which was the same concept as the ASEAN Beer Garden we had been to the night before only worse... on every count. The singers sang out of tune and did not bother to dance even a little bit, the beer was warm, giving us teh choice of warm beer or cold beer in a glass of ice, which very soon turned to water. Seeing how terrible warm beer is, I went for the latter, Richard for the former. The menu was an incredible selection of things like boiled eel with glass noodles, fried intestines and bits of frog (no bat though). We plumped for the safe bet of fried rice with pork, always fried rice. And to top it all I did not get my massage when going for a pee, the boy being obviously too shy. Anyway, Tea treated us to a song, a very sad one which explainmed how just because he does not cry, it does not mean he doesn't have problems.

So, off we went to Sky 'Restaurant', which turned out to be a massive high-tech night club with loud music, flashing lights and laser beams. All Cambodian music, in a hard house, techno, hip-hop style, which was agauin excellent to listen to. The place was full of young people, including some very young people, like so young they would be going to primarry school the next day rather than secondary school. It was a Monday night, but it was packed with people dancing enthusiasticaly, and even us old bods had a go. One excellent aspect of the night life here is that it takes place quite early, no doubt to give the children some time to sleep before going to school the next day, So, at midnight, when most discos in Europe will not have even started to get going, the place was emptying, such that a half hour later we were almost the last to leave. It was a great night out and I can happily report that I eventually did get my massage!

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