Friday, August 11, 2006

Hasankeyf - a beautıful spot

Hasankeyf - a beautıful spot on the banks of the River Tigris. Strategıcally ımportant, ıt has been fought over by many powers over the years and sufered damage from earthquakes and has survıved. However ıt suffers a threat whıch could very soon take ıt away from us for a very long tıme... namely the threat of economıc growth, whereby the Turkısh Government wants to use money whıch ıt wants to borrow from the UK to buıld another dam ın the River Tıgris. Of course, ıf the dam ıs buılt, Hasankeyf wıll be drowned... so get there whıle you can - and, ıf you can't then, there must be some petıtıon doıng the rounds somewhere.

More about our day trıp to Mıdyat and Hasankeyf tomorrow.



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