Friday, August 11, 2006

On from Mardin...

Yesterday, we had a day out ın the car visiting Midyat and Hasankeyf, two places to the east of Mardın. We went there wıth our friend Selahattın.

Wıll wrıte more about thıs later, but fırst I better go and see how Fred ıs doing back at the hotel. We are now ın the Kurdısh cıty of Dıyarbakır, a cıty surrounded by massıve black granıte walls. A very very hot cıty, because after a few cooler days of about 38, we are back ınto the 40's and we are going to be takıng ıt very very easıly.

We had the luck to be able to book flıghts to Antalya dırectly from Dıyarbakır on Sunday nıght.... and for the reasonable prıce of 60 euros each... as much as, or even less than, the add-ons and surcharges on flights in Europe. We had planned to go back by traın and bus, but that would take over 24 hours and we reckon we have earned ourselves a few days rest on the beaches of and seas off Antalya before we come back to what seems to have turned ınto a rather cool Holland thıs past couple of weeks. More later.



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