Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saluti da Roma!

Taking a break here from the heat of the Roman streets to make a quick blog.

You would not really think that Italy were going to be playing in the World Cup Final this evening. There are very few flags flying or hanging out of people's windows and none flying from cars, like in England or in Holland.

The only people walking around in Italian football shirts seem to be foreigners like me. And it is Pakistani's who are selling the Made in China flags, caps and football shirts on the streets. The black Africans are more selling handbags.

Anyway, I am assured there will be a great party if Italy do win, where the Colosseum will be the place to be. Too dark to take photos, I think, but we will see.

Otherwise, having a lovely time here, eating too much, lobster spaghetti for lunch just now and delicious seafood yesterday for lunch, at Elizabetta's near Trastevere. Very hot here, quite humid too.

Tomorrow to Val di Cecina, near Volterra in Toscana for a couple of days. Near the sea, so maybe go to the beach to cool down. But first the Final, which I will be watching at teh Sax Club near the Vatican before taking to the streets in the mayhem which will follow!

Forza Azzurri!


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