Thursday, July 06, 2006

Arrested for exhibitionism

German fans in Germany 19, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It seems like I am getting in big trouble with a German lady from Gelsenkirchen on the flickr site.

Having explained what great hosts Germany were, she tghen writes the following:

".. and Germans have been singing very nasty songs about Holland recently ....

... and English fans sitting half naked in the city caf├ęs,
singing Ten Little Bombers,
standing completely naked at the Public Viewing,
obscene gestures to women,
greeting a German woman and then pissing in the bush just beside where this woman unlocks her bicycle ....

I could go on further and further as I was a witness of all this, but I am a world cup host in my town and to a host's duties belongs a certain kind of reticence.

But with all respect, Sir, may I remind you, that these games are about football, and the thing what should count first is the ability of a team to handle the match. Of course, you are free to make it a contest about national characters, but in this case you should be aware you will be judged by the same criteria."

Oh dear...

I think we know these kind of people from experience - kind hosts when you are around, who can't wait for the opportunity to bitch about you as soon as your back is turned.

Also, she suggested that the chaps playing around in the grass and the mud, pictures of which are on the flickr site, should be arrested for 'exhibitionism'. Hmmm... lighten up, lady, only a bit of fun, late on a summer's day in the middle of a grassy field.

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