Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to boring mode

Fooling around in the mud 6, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

A boring semi-final this evening, well after teh excitement of last night it couldn't have been any different, I suppose.

France win on a penalty after 30 minutes.

France look old and tired. Zidane still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve but didn't have to use them like he did against Brazil.

Portugal were real fighters, except near the goal, and continually cheated with their diving antics, which should have been stamped on by the referee by giving the divers a yellow card each time.

The crowd signalled their dislike of baby-face Ronaldo by boo-ing him every time he had the ball. Why is it that otherwise great players can make themselves so unpopular? Maradona was also very annoying, but at least a far better player than Ronaldo is at present.

Strange the the Portuguese, who are probably really nice peopole, always manage to come up with nasty football teams.

Looking forward to the Italy - France final, hoping that the skill and youth and the cameraderie of the Italian team win out over the worthey old workhorses of France..... Paris or Rome, which is the place to be?


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