Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The day after the night before.....

Italian fan in Cologne, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

... the night that Italy stormed into the World Cup final with a brilliant match against Germany.

What a match! Fantastic open play from both sides helped by a great referee who refused to let the divers take over the game.

As I was watching, I wsa so hoping that Italy would win, not so much because I had a bet on them at 10-1, but because they really deserved to win. The way they passed the ball around, along the grass from one to the other and the long passes up to the strilkers up front was a joy to watch. The Germans did excellently in defence to keep the Italians out, as did the Italian defence with regard to Germany. Cannavaro, what a man!

Also, excellent to see the trainer put one forward or attacking mid-fielder after the other as he tried nso hard to avoid a penalty shoot-out. His tactics deserved to be rewarded, whilst it was clear that the Germans were working towards penalties.

So hood to see the outcome of a match decided by skill, tactics, attractive, attacking football, rather than luck, cheating or bad refereeing. The game of football needed such a result.

The whole match it was very exciting. More exciting to watch at home, actually than in a large public arena. How incredible when that shot from Grosso (from PALERMO!) actually went IN the goal and hit the net. So often you see balls going over or wide but this one actually curled its way out of the reach of the goalkeeper into the goal. Unbelievable... they had actually done it! No penalties but a goal, fair and square.... and how that Grosso celebrated that goal running out shaking his head with excitement.

Now, off to Rome for the weekend!


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