Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back home!

with Gillian, Henk and Martin
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Yes, we are back!

Arrived early at just after 11, to a bright but cold sun, and a welcome party of Henk, Martin and Gillian at Schiphol airport. Jon and Pieter just missed us,as we had landed early but came over later for coffee, joined by Arnaud, Mariette, Vera, Timon and Quinten (born 9 October 2005). Great to see everyone again.

Henk took us out for a walk later in the afternoon, finished off with dinner at the Grone Olifant and a beer at Ruk en Pluk.

The house looked exactly the same as we had left it, thanks Hugo and Howard for cleaning up yesterday and leaving a fridge full of food, including Dutch cheese (the ONE type of food we missed the past six months) and for leaving the wine undrunken!!! But what happened to the tree? Hmmmm.....

It feels good to be back home and in the coming days we will be sorting ourselves out during which we will try to get in touch with everyone again.

Strangely enough, the camera decided to work again today. How could taht happen? Hmmmm.....


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