Saturday, January 14, 2006

Time to go

Somali restaurant
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Not long to go before our flight now and all of a sudden the journey is almost over. Not bene thinking too much about coming home, more about how we can fit all the things in that we wanted to do. And now the realisation that we are going to leave the rainbow country in the middle of summer for cold grey Amsterdam. It will be odd to see people dressed up in coats with jumpers, gloves and hats after all this time.

Having a bit of a flat day today, not doing too much, did not make it to Kirstenbosch, but been hanging around the centre of Cape Town, looking for books and presents, until all the shops shut abruptly at lunchtime, before we had the cahnce to actually buy any presents... oops!

Dinner last night was rubbish... we had been on a winning streak and it was bound to end - a pity to have spent so much money on tasteless fried camembert and cardboard tasting and textured sirloin steak. Oh well, we have another chance this evening, maybe a simple pasta at Zucca, we'll see.

We set up the blog to record our adventures on this trip and as this trip is now ending we will have to think about what next? We will probably record a few reflections of our trip in the next few days... we have had quite a few discussions recently about our best and worst experiences of all types of things and it will be interesting to see if those change when we get back home.

It has been almost six months and so many memories seem to be so fresh. Time has not gone fast, not gone slowly - just been used up and now we are ready for coming home nad being back with our friends and families and back in our house.


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