Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Driving Miss Daisy to Montagu

Township art
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Almost at the end of our long journey back from Cape Town, we have moved about 200 kms (so overshot Rome) to the small town of Montagu, still on Route 62. Veryt quaint, with many Cape Dutch houses and up-market guesthouses and B&B's. We have treated ourselves to a night at the La Malherbe, with exquisite rooms, a lovely garden, a pool and the promise of a sumptuous breakfast. Tonight we eat at Jessica's, which is said to be in the top 100 restaurants in RSA.

The ostrich we had last nibght came as a bit of a disappointment, not that it wasn't good, but was not really that special.. a slab of tender red meat. The accompanying wine - Boplaas Cabernet Reserve was excellent though.

The drive today was fine, we stopped off every now and then, notably at Ronnies Sex Shop, about which we had been told by both Alison and Tiny, which turned out to be little more than a wayside bar, albeit with displays of bras, knickers and baseball hats to accompany the graffitti all over the walls. Strange.

Tomorrow, back to Cape Town, from where we will spend our last days investigating the Cape and its beaches, as well as a hike up Table Mountain, weather permitting.

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