Thursday, December 01, 2005

Traditional dancing in Kawaza

Traditional dancers
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After the school, we went to visit a clinic, a cotton seed merchant and then the traditional healer. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this lady summoned up the Holy Spirit to help her help me and directed her to these two places in the Bible. She was right about a problem which I have with my jaw (listen to me chew for proof) but I wasn't so sure about a so-called problem with my stomach. At the end she said I should visit my doctor back home.... but only after we went to visit her pharmacy, full of wood and sticks for all sorts of ills, including, of course, impotence. Seems like a lot of African men need a lot of help to satisfy their women!!!!

Anyway, after this it was time for traditional lunch and traditional dancing. All very beautiful and like most African dance very erotic and seductive when done well. And, as usual, we both loooked very wooden when we were invited to join in.

The day was great fun, more FUN, dare I say it than glimpsing the odd animal scampering here or there and I hope we made a good impression on the locals. Constantine, Joseph and Yotam were all good hosts as well as the various other people we met from the villages.

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