Monday, December 12, 2005


Himba girl
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This is a Himba girl (yes, we were not too sure either... but her hair would be set backwards if she was a boy), one of the amazing people we have met here in Kaokoland.

We are enjoying this trip so much... seeing deserts, waterfalls, massive sandcastles, petrified forests, bushmen paintings, animals such as the handsome oryx, desert giraffes, desert elephants, springbok, ostriches and so on, plus many birds, we have seen the Himba and the Herero people and are now with the Damaras. Jannie is proving to be a great guide, knowing al the ebst places to camp... by waterfalls, by hot springs and now by a lovely swiming pool with cold spring water... as the temperatutres have been the hottest we have had on teh whole trip.. probably in the low 40's. He's a good driver too and no doubt the bottles of Tafel beer he consumes along the way helps him to concentrate.

Internet is very expensive here so I cannot write too much. We have another couple of days to go here and then we have to decide what to do further... definitely something here in Namibia... - although Jannie has been trying to persuade us to go sky diving... I don't think so!

Thanks to all the people who told us we should come here.. it is really great.

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