Saturday, May 29, 2010

Making your mind up! - Juliana Pasha from Albania

Today is a most important day for the 55th running of the Eurovision Song Contest, which we will be watching with some friends at home, for whom I am supposed to be catering...

I used to get as excited as I am now on teh morning of The Grand National and even The Derby, but now it is Eurovision!

Here is my pre-perfomance top ten:

12 Albania
10 Serbia

8 Moldova
7 Azerbaijan
6 France
5 Romania
4 Greece
3 Turkey
2 Ukraine
1 Belgium

Something like that - positions will probably change after the performances.

In the meantime, I think the eventual top 5 will be: Armenia, Turkey, Israel, Greece and Denmark, partly due to diaspora voting and partly due to the running order. I think Moldova might surprise with a high finishing position.

Oh, and if anyomne outside wants to join us in watching - there is a live webstream on this link: ock&medi...

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