Saturday, May 29, 2010

2,000,000 photostream views!

2,000,000 photostream views!, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It happened on the same day - the 2 million mark on photostream views and 10 million views on flickr in total (photos + photostream + sets + galleries)

This is me a month or so ago, by a pool in a lovely hot place, with one of my favourite Adidas shirts on!

Thank you so much for all your view, comments, friend invitations, support and friendship over the past few years. It started off as just a place to upload photos from our trip to Middle East and Africa, where our friends and family could follow us on our journey from Istanbul to Cape Town. It has ended up as a place to make friends and keep up with their photos, their passions and their lives. It has led to a number of treasured meetings in places as far apart as Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Italy and, not to forget, Odessa in Ukraine! Hopefully, there will be more meetings and in other places. Inshallah.

I will write more here tomorrow, in the meantime, it is late, time for bed. Big day tomorrow, with Eurovision Song Contest and related party at our place!

Thanks again!

In the meantime, some other statistics (I love 'em!)

Most viewed photo - with over 40,000 views! - The Sparkling Diamond of Africa: The Sparkling Diamond of Africa

Strangest most viewed pic is of two scouts in Qadisha Valley, most views coming from an unidentifiable site outside of flickr - over 24,000 views: Maronite scouts at Qadisha Spring

Over 10,000 views - 30 photos
Over 5,000 views - 145 photos
Over 1,000 views - 1,371 photos

First photo to 100 views: Jordan - Anglo-Arab stallion, Kings Highway
(still one of my favourites)

Most popular set is, obviously, Men of the World, with over 300,000 views - ha ha!
Men of the world
Men of the world

First million came up in 37 months, second million in 22 months.

Going to try to work out how many countries are represented by photos on here - and there are a few countries where I have been (mostly pre-digital age) which are not yet on here.

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