Sunday, February 07, 2010

Time for another Orange Revolution?

Ukraine goes to the polls to chose between an ex-criminal/streat-fighter, ex-President and a woman who got herself rich through gas contracts. from what I gather, nobody has any expectation that either of tese two candidates will do anything to help the ordinary Ukrainian. Instead, they will use their position to further their own (or their backers') interests.

This, five years after the Orange Revolution, a revolution which seems to have completely failed. What will it take to change the system there? Will it take a much longer period of time?

Yesterday, we watched the last episode of The Devil's Whore, which followed the fictional story of Angelica Fanshawe during the time of the English Civil War. Here we saw the good King Charles I, a victim of his own time, face civil war and his eventual beheading only to be replaced by Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, who himself would prove to be as much a tyrant as Charles ever might have been.

It seems as if this is the way the world works, at least in the short term, the benefits of such revolutions often being enjoyed by citizens a couple or more decades or generations from when the events took place. Let's hope that the Ukrainians don't have to wait too long.

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