Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh those Greeks!

On the walls of Tirana, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Sorry, but Greece has the dunce's hat at the moment. The country is almost bankrupt, has a massive budgte deficit and is bringing thevalue of the Euro down by the day.

All of a sudden there are a number of articles in the papers talking about the Greek problem. A lot of it seems to be in the mind of the modern Greek, which after the country's freedom from the Ottoman Empire seems to think it is the descendant of the Ancient Greeks.

A lot of attention to the problem which this country has with its neighbours, particularly Macedonia and Cyprus and also Albania (the subject of this photo).

Seeing as the rest of us are going to have to help this troublesome land yet again (on top of all the EU money which has already been spent in structural funds), maybe it will be a good idea to tell Greece that they need to start being kinder to their neighbours and work towards solutions, rather than having a big mouth and creating all sorts of trouble.

I have nothing personally against Greeks, I know some very nice, friendly, outgoing, modern Greeks, but as so often, the government does not represent the country very well. Also, they seem to suffer the most from the rotten system of government in that country. I read that the average family has to pay almost 1,500 euros a year as bribes to government officials to get things done.

Time for change. Let's hope the EU doesn't chicken out like it did recently with those other Balkan countries of Romania and Bulgaria!


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