Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lesbian fairytale

Ivy, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

No idea why I am uploading this photo today, but it was a nice reminder of last year's winter when it was also cold, but slightly more freindly than this winter.

Very cold again today as I cycled to Amstelveen to go to the dentist who seems to have fixed my troublesome tooth. A filling had fallen out and created a whole. Food had become trapped in there and had created irritation on my gums, which has led to the toothache I have ben suffering from the last coupel of months. He fixed the filling, so I am hoping that the toothache is also fixed, of not, it must be something else.

So, by not going to the office (and working at home instead), I avoided going to tgeh office by trarin and a good thing too! Apparently, some 'confused' man was seen at Den Bosch station calling out that he loved God and hated al-Qaeda and, by the way, had left a bomb at the station. The station was immediately closed and all rail traffic through the centre of Holland was delayed for hours - about seven hours. Sniffer dogs were flown in by helicopter, the whole are was checked, some official spokeswoman from the Dutch Railways confirmed that explosives had been found, the station was cleared, rains cancelled and re-routed and at the end, nothing was found. Thousands of people were delayed (in the freezing cold) and the 'official' confirmation that explosives had been found, turned out to be a lie. And all because of one 'confused' man. Oh oh... At least no-one died.

Later on, they tell us in the new that they want to use helicopters more often to track down people who have broken into someone's house (apparently such crimes have been in the increase recently). The great thing about Holland is that it you do evcentually get prosecuted and sent to prison you are out almost before you have blinked. Maybe it is a sport, like fishing, catching a fish and throwing it back so you can catch it again.

In the meantime, I am just about to watch the end of another BBC lesbian thriller/novel adapation/fairytale which we have on DVD, namely Tipping The Velvet. Nice to be watching something other than the detective DVD's which we watched so much last year.


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