Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charles by my eyes

Charles by my eyes , originally uploaded by cin2011.

When I was planning my trip to Saudi Arabia, I had two flickr friends in Saudi Arabia, obne here in Jeddah and the other I knew not where, so I sent an e-mail to tell him I was coming to KSA and where does he live? Well, it turned out that he lived in Al Khobar, which just happens to be the city where our main office is located!!!

I spent two days in Al Khobar, up on the north coast, near all the oil wells and next to Bahrain. I was surprised both evenings to receive a telephone call at about 9 pm and it was my friend! He had texted me but I never received any of his texts!

The first evening we sat outside the hotel, where I was half-freezing in just my shirt, the second was spent in the Arashid Shpping Mall - quite an experience bto see all teh Saudis in such a modern setting.

My friend, Usman turned out to be excellent company, very well spoken with lots of humourpus stories to tell, many about life in The Kingdom. After our meal - I had Iranian he had Chinese, we went out and took some photos of each other. I will upload a couple later on.

Anyway, this is another opportunity to thank Usman for his wonderful company and friendship and I hope we will see each other again, inshallah.


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