Saturday, February 03, 2007

Light coming through the roof

Light coming through the roof, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Just back from the cycle ride to Blijburg, the beach where I spent so many days in the heat of last summer. The sun was there again and it felt great!

I mentioned earlier on some of teh great things the local council has been doing with our tax money, so I ought to add here the beautiful cycle and pedestrian bridge, the Nescio Bridge, which they recently built to connect us to the new lands of Ijburg and Blijburg beach as well as all the beautifully laid cycle paths around the city of Amsterdam.

Just yesterday we cycled down the street where I used to live for five years, namely the Vrijheidslaan, where they have reduced the lanes from two to one, each side of the road and have just added a wide cycle path, meaning we can avoid the cobbles and the bumps of the side road. It might take a while for them to finish such work and Amsterdam does seem to be full of holes and road blocks, but the result is a city which keeps getting better, at least for cyclists.



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