Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hogeweg fountain project

Another lovely late summer's day here. A lot of activity on the street, as a new group arrived to join the men fixing the new sewers, getting ready for the new fountian, now expected in February next year.

It was fun scrambling around the sand amongst all the big machines and bit of brightly coloured heavy metal It felt like being a boy in a sandpit with earthmovers and the like, only these were man-sized and real.

The men were kind enough to let me walk around taking pics until an elderly foreman with a wizened face came up to me asking me what I was doing and suggesting, very clearly, that I was not supposed to be in the sandpit, I mean, working area. A pity. Still it was a nice atmosphere out there in the shade provided by the horse chestnuts (which have not yet been moved) from the warm hazy sun.



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