Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beach time again

Blijburg - looking out, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, we are really being treated after the wet August we had. A nice big high pressure system has been hanging around, giving us some beautiful weather these past few days and is even lingering longer than expected.

Yesterday was a good day to return to Blijburg and re-live the days of high summer in early July, when it seemd that Holland had moved 1,600 kms down towards the Mediterranean. There were slightly fewer people, it being a Tuesday and the schools being back, but there was still a great atmosphere down there.

It would just not cool down and it would have been the perfect evening to have stayed and had dinner, but the beach is a little out of the way and Fred was havinga drink in town with Annemiek, so it was a spaghetti nothing (aglio, olia e peperoncino) dinner on the balcony, listening to Marc Almond's Vermin in Ermine and Ali Farka Toure, by candlelight. Sublime.



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