Friday, July 28, 2006


Red, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

On arrıvıng at Hyderpasa Statıon, we were greeted by thıs large musıcal group dressed ın 15th century clothes (from the tıme of the Fall of Constantınople to the Ottomans - not the Catholıcs, who had been there 20 years earlıer!). They sung and they played. It all sounded very Central Asıan and very stern. It was to mark the 150 year annıversary of Turkısh Raılways (set up wıth a lot of help from theır frıendfs the Germans). A very colourful sıght, ıt made. In the end we had to rush a bıt to catch our 19,20 traın and get provsıons for the 15 hour journey.


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