Monday, July 24, 2006

WTO global trade talks collapse

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"Last-ditch efforts to unblock the Doha round of global trade talks have collapsed, with fears it will take months for negotiations to resume. A meeting of leading trading nations, the so-called G6 group, hit a stalemate after the US and Europe failed to agree over farm subsidies and tariffs.After 14-hours of talks on Sunday, discussions reconvened to see what could be salvaged, but to no avail. The EU has blamed the US for the talks hitting an impasse." (BBC News)

So... the EU and the US, the two richest ares of the world, economically speaking, the ones consuming far more energy and raw materials than is sustainable are squabbling between themselves about tax-payers money they give away to their farmers, while the rest of the world suffers.

So many development problems and issues can be reduced considerably by fair trade, but the greedy Europeans and Americans would rather keep their fortresses in place, flood world market with unhealthy (hormone and anti-biotic) food and keep the poor poor.

With better economic conditions, countries can become more independent, stable, prosperous, reducing religious tensions, reducing corruption, reducing the flow of migrants, reducing terrorism. But no, we would rather have a few faded pop stars try to raise money for charity to be given to the poor who are being exploited, helped byphotos of the more distressed and ill people affected by our policies. So far from reality.

We have them bombed in Palestine and Lebanon. We take food from their mouths in Africa and take any raw materials from anywhere we can get them, the more valuable they are the more blood attached.

Can we not get anything right?


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