Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy family on scooter

happy family on scooter, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

This evening while we were having dinner, Fred pointed out that there was a meeting in town for people who are pro-Israel. Strange, I thought that anyone would want to openly admit siding with a country which is committing cowardly and terrible, brutal acts upon its neighbour, totally out of proportion to any threat there may be to that country, but it takes all sorts.

I cycled down to the area between the two large synagogues and saw a smallish colection of happy smiling faces. How could they be happy?

Happy about Israel destroying the infrastructure of its next door neighbour? The work of hundreds and thousands of honest men, rebuilding roads, bridges and airports which had previously been destroyed.

Happy about Israel launching bomb attacks on innocent people, targeted because they are living in a Muslim area?

It could be these lovely people who posed for a photo while I was walking the streets of Beirut just under a year ago. An honest man, wife and two dear sweet smiling children.

And then I saw two youngish girls walking around in trendy tight-fit T shirts with the logo of the Israeli Defence Force written on the front. How sick is that when this can be written about the activities of such an organisation? (And please, DO feel free to vote).

I took photos but I am really too disgusted to put them up on flickr. I am sure you can understand why. In the meantime, I hope this family is safe... I hope that very much, even though I know so many others have suffered.

It will be clear to any of you who read this blog that I am thoroughly disgusted with what the rogue terrorist nation Israel is doing to its weak, confused neighbour, Lebanon.

I am disgusted too at the support and encouragement it is being given by the U.S. and also ashamed at the support being given by the U.K.

I am very disappointed at the press/TV coverage of the war, which seems very much to reflect the Israeli/U.S. view that any dead or damage in Israel is many many times more newsworthy than the equivalent damage in Lebanon.

I am scared that the war may be broadened to include Syria, Iraq and Iran, sensing that this is what the twin rogue states the U.S. and Israel want.

Anyway, I do not want to turn this blog into a war blog, so if I do not post my anger in the coming period, it is not because I am not angry but because there is more to life and a lot of good things out there in the world and it is nice to share these things as well.

Always good articles to be found on and some interesting discussions on this flickr photo.


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