Saturday, May 27, 2006


It has been raining here all day.

In fact it has been raining most of the week.

A good week to stay inside, tidy the house, attend to paperwork and re-install everything onto one's computer. It seems like I have lost all my e-mails and my e-mail addresses,a s somehow theese were not saved when my hard disk was saved. Not exactly a tragedy, but a bit of a nuisance nevertheless.

Back with a hard disk full of 88 GB worth of photos! Here is one from the vaults, from our trip to Berlin about 15 months ago.

Rain is good for teh garden and good for the ducks. It had been so dry for so long. Great to sit upstairs with the back door open and listen to the rain falling on the leaves which remain on the tree in the garden, although the past day or two it has been a bit cold to do that.

With all this talk of global warming and climate change, about which there was a very good programme by David Attenborough earlier in the week, we should be happy to have as much rain as we can get.


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