Monday, May 22, 2006

Italian football in a mess

Italy no longer participates in the Eurovision Song Festival, but it does attend the big football tournaments.

Italian football is in a big mess as can be seen from this article on the BBC, from which I quote below.
Despite all this, let us hope we see you at the World Cup next month and that we can meet you in the final in Munich on July 9th, England to win with a Wayne Rooney goal before half-time, followed by another from Michael Owen, rounded off with one from Joe Cole! (How's that?)

On Monday, Moggi turned his fire on AC Milan as he blamed their owner Silvio Berlusconi and vice-president Adriano Galliani for his problems.

"Cursed is the day I ever met Berlusconi," he told the Quotidiano Nazionale website.

"Two weeks after my meeting with Berlusconi, the Football Federation received the intercepted phone calls concerning me, as well as others, from the Turin prosecutors office.


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