Monday, May 22, 2006

So many countries

Schoolchildren, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

These children have their own country, Somaliland, a country which against all reason and logic is not being recognised by the rest of the world.

In Europe, new countries are sprouting up all over the place and it looks like we may soon have a new one... Montenegro. They seem to be getting their independenmce, which will be recognised by all and sundry because a mere majority (just over 50%) voted for it. In Somaliland, over 90% have voted for independence, which they have but on e which is not recognised. Shame on the world.

If The US and UK can start a war in Iraq to bring democracy to that country without obtaining permission or blessing from the rest of the world, then they should have no problems in over-riding the etiquette which would have the dreadful African Union recognise Somaliland first.

Anyway, we in Europe are overflowing with nations such that the Eurovision Song Contest of last week had 37 competitors, with even some countries like Italy, Austria, Hungary and Luxemburg not competing.

We had Jon and Peter and Annemiek round on Saturday to watch the final, make comments and give out votes. Was great fun.

We did NOT like the shouting of Lithuania or the hard rock of Finland with the Orc masks, we did not understand the least thing about Croatia, thought Israel was dull and felt that Holland had not deserved to get through. We were amazed by the legs of Turkey and Ukraine and FYRMacedonia (?). Bored to death with Spain and scared by Sweden.

Our favourites were Bosnia and Herzogovina (for four out of the five of us) and Latvia (not mine AT ALL) although we thought Russia might do well..... without really understanding much about the ballet dancers.

As it was the Orcs from Finland won, a little bit too easily, but Russia was second and Bosnia and Herzogovina third. We would have liked the fourth, Romania more, had the singer not dyed and permed his hair to make him look like a Dutch singer called Gordon.

Holland will no doubt decide to send in a heavy rock number in 2 to 3 years and will ask themselves AGAIN why they did not make it through teh semi-finals.

Roll on 2007!


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