Thursday, May 25, 2006

More troubles in Somalia

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The situation in Somalia goes from bad to worse, with many many people being killed in Mogadishu, as fighting takes place between Islamic Court militias and the warlords, while the Trans Federal Government (TFG) cannot do anything to stop it. See the BBC site for details. Weapons seem to be pouring in from all sides, from the US and Italy, from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, maybe also Ethiopia and Djibouti.

It seems that the TFG are now requesting the so-called UN arms embargo to be lifted so that it can arm itself and also enter the fighting... and no doubt make the situation even worse than it now is. See article on UNPO site.

I am quite convinced that what Somalia needs now, more than anything is LESS weapons and LESS involvement from outside parties. It can only be through the meddling and involvement of foreign powers that the Somalis can continue their fighting and warring between each other. How else could they buy their weapons to perpetrate such violence when the country is so poor.

It is quite clear that the country needs to be cleared of weapons and that Somalis themselves should work out between themselves what they want to do with their country. The Somalilanders have done this and have created their own country of peaceful, stable democracy, so in time Somalia should be able to do the same... IF THEY ARE LEFT TO THEMSELVES. But other countries are using Somalia to fight their own proxy wars - such as the US in its so-called war on terrorism, and the Arabs (Yemen and Saudi Arabia) in their struggle to control the Gulf of Aden.

Leave the Somalis alone.
They can best sort out their own problems.
ENFORCE the UN weapons ban.

Recognise Somaliland as an independent country.
Help it build up its economy (by, for example, forcing Saudi Arabia to lift its politically motivated ban on the import of livestock from Somaliland)
Show the world that a country which behaves the way Somaliland does, is appropriately rewarded.


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