Sunday, January 22, 2006

Most useful things taken with us on the trip

bedouin sheep market
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Another list, in no particular order:

1 Hat/cap/cloth - the sun was often very strong, and our hair isn't as thick as it used to be

2 Sunglasses - the sun was often very strong

3 Light sheets - the beds were sometimes a bit rough

4 The dry-quick towels - they dried very quickly

5 One lambswool jumper each - it did get very cold sometimes (usually in the mountains)

6 Cream for spots/bits - very soothing at times

7 Portable hard disk - until it failed in Eritrea, whereupon all the photos had to be burned onto CD's

8 Fred's Lowe walking boots - worn every day for six months

9 Dust covers for rucksacks - for keeping the rain and dust out

10 The candles from Annie - giving us indeed light in the darkest moments

11 Binoculars - for watching the birds and the animals.... with even Fred getting good at identifying birds

Least useful:

1 Mosquito net - never used, always supplied, wherever needed

2 Cork opener - particularly in Yemen and Somaliland!!!

3 Raincoat - hardly ever used (hehehe)

4 Mastercard/cirrus debit card - only Visa, if anything at all, in most of Middle East and Africa

5 Msn messenger - yahoo messenger is what they all use in Africa!
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