Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Filthy rotten racists

Sorry but....

just come back from a delicious dinner at our favourite restaurant in Durban, Spiga d'Oro.....

where we were servced by a not particularly friendly waiter, who happend to be American, with a bald head, a long goatee and rings in all strange parts of his ears... yuk!

we were also helped by a charming black man, well dressed in black, who served us drinks - wine and water.

it was all a little bit expensive and the tip was quite a large amount.... we gave the black chap the money, but the change was brought back by the American who did not bother to say 'thank you'. This annoyed us not a little bit as we already expected that a black man would not be allowed to bring change back to the table and because the white American showed very bad manners.

We asked the black chap how the tips were shared and he said he had no idea... he never saw a tip... so he assumed that the owners (a family from Rome, one of whom is alos a waiter) kept all the tips.

We asked the white man and he said the tips were shared between the waiters.

Now obviously, the tips are only shared between the WHITE waiters, and not the black staff. SO racist and so unreasonable. The black chap did a far better job in terms of customer service than the white one and he got nothing... except teh tip which we shoved in his hand as we left.

Maybe we have had too much to drink but we are well p***ed off...... racism from the Afrikaners we have come to expect (and we have some other stories on that score... but from Europeans, we expect better.

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